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1980 Ferrari 512 BB LHD
£279,995.00 ($357,109.82)(€319,647.33)
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This stunning Ferrari 512 BB is a car which is well known to Hexagon Classics, as we have had the pleasure of selling the car previously. The car was manufactured by Ferrari Spa, Maranello, in 1980 and delivered to the then Italian concessionaire Autoexpo, Ora Bolzano, Italy. The car has now been lovingly restored and is ready to be enjoyed by its owner.

The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer (BB) series was produced by Ferrari in Italy between 1973 and 1984 which was the successor to the front-engined Daytona. It was the first in a series of Ferrari’s to use a mid-mounted flat-12 engine. The Boxer was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti and was the first mid-engined road car to bear the Ferrari name and the Cavallino Rampante logo.

The 365 GT4 BB was updated as the 512 BB in 1976, resurrecting the name of the earlier Ferrari 512 racer. The name 512 referred to the car’s 5 litre, 12-cylinder engine; a deviation from Ferrari’s established practice of naming 12-cylinder road cars (as the 365 BB) after their cylinder displacement.

The engine was enlarged to 4943cc, although power was slightly down to 360 hp, while a dual plate clutch handled the added torque and eased the pedal effort. Dry sump lubrication prevented oil starvation in hard cornering. The chassis remained unaltered, but wider rear tyres meant the rear track grew 63 mm. External differentiators to the 512 BB predecessor included a new chin spoiler upfront, incorporated into the bumper. A NACA duct on the side provided cooling for the exhaust system. At the rear there were now twin tail lights and exhaust pipes each side, instead of triple units as on the 365 GT4 BB.

At the world launch of the motorcar Road & Track stated that the Ferrari 512 Boxer was regarded as the best all-round sports and GT car they had tested. Stating if they had to pin the reasons down to one it would have to be that the Ferrari doesn’t forget the driver. The Boxer has it all, the speed, the handling, the lovely shape, the well-done cockpit and, most important of all, a reputation for reliability. Possessing an engine directly related to Ferrari’s contemporary Formula 1 unit, as well as being both lighter and faster than the legendary Daytona, the 512BB was one of the most capable and exciting supercars of its era and is still capable of providing all the thrills that an enthusiastic owner-driver.

Since the car’s return to the United Kingdom in 2013 the car has been inspected by Joe Macari, Ferrari and is offered in stunning condition.

Available to view now at our London showrooms.

  • Colour Exterior Rosso Chiaro
  • Interior Colours Tan Hide
  • VIN Code CHASSIS No 30935
  • Drive LHD