Streetside Classics - Dallas/Fort Worth


2006 Ferrari F430

£90,162.81 ($114,995.00)(€102,931.49)
It's what many consider to be the quintessential Italian sports car and for good reason. Ferrari has been known for automotive engineering excellence for decades, producing some of the most inspired rides to ever hit the street. This Ferrari F430 is a great example - it's a world...
  • 15191 Km
  • Year Built 2006
  • 4 Engine

2002 Ferrari 360 F-Spider

£78,401.93 ($99,995.00)(€89,505.06)
Yes, Ferraris really are special. They're not just toys for rich people, they're probably the purest form of the automobile-as-entertainment currently on the face of the Earth. If you like to drive simply for the pleasure of the activity, then this 2002 Ferrari F360 Spider wants to...
  • 18210 Km
  • Year Built 2002
  • 3 Engine