open until 28 July. The university is an association promoted by Emilia-Romagna Region, which includes the universities of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Ferrara and Parma along with car companies in the Region that represent the excellence of Brand Italy and that of course include Ferrari.

Six areas
. The course covers six areas of specialisation. Advanced Powertrain is or engineers who want to deepen their knowledge of engines. Advanced Motorcycle Engineering is for anyone who wants to focus on motorcycle-related aspects. Advanced Sportscar Manufacturing aims to nurture talents in the planning, development and control of activities related to sports cars. Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering is for the development of electronic systems for the automotive world. High Performance Car Design is for talents specialising in the design of high performance cars. The sixth area is the sportiest: Racing Car Design.

From university to company. All courses include lectures and university activities but also an intense work programme to be performed in-house at companies, in the workshops and design areas of the most prestigious manufacturers in the area, such as Ferrari. The course is open to 150 talents from all over the world. Follow this link to enrol: