2011 Ferrari SP30 | One of One Special Project Car

2011 Ferrari SP30 | One of One Ferrari Special Project Car | POA

The Ferrari SP30 has been shrouded in mystery since it was first announced in 2011. It is a one of one, completely unique Ferrari model. This is the only unit ever built in the entire world.

The Ferrari Special Projects department specializes in building unique, one of one coach built cars for well known clients, similar to the Ferrari P4/5 (Built for James Glickenhaus), Ferrari SP1, Ferrari SP12 (built for Eric Clapton) Ferrari P540 Superfast, and Ferrari 612 Kappa, amongst a full list of 40+ SP cars.

Ferrari Special Projects cars do not ever make it to the public market (intended to be kept only by long time Ferrari collectors), and to our knowledge this is the only opportunity on the planet to purchase a Ferrari Special Projects built car. It is estimated that some SP Cars are valued at well over $10 Million dollars, although the true value of these cars may never be known as they are not sold on the public market.

Some Ferrari Special Project cars remain closely guarded secrets and never see the light of day with all remaining in original ownership. This Ferrari was originally ordered brand new by a UAE based Billionaire. Due to a major bankruptcy the car was seized. It is known through news sources at the time that the original owner and his company encountered financial difficulties, and UAE based news outlets claim he fled the UAE, never to be seen again.

Publicly available information states the SP30 was among items seized by UAE Authorities after the original owner defaulted on over half a Billion dollars in loans, which explains why this SP car left its original ownership. This rare Ferrari has been spotted all over the world, having been purchased by as US based collector after its time in the UAE.

We feel that the true background story of this fascinating Ferrari has never been fully told and there is much more than meets the eye. Many design elements of the SP30 have been incorporated into newer Ferrari Models, making this one-off car a key historic turning point in Ferrari design language.

The exterior color of the SP30 is Rosso Fuoco with the interior being entirely in Grey Alcantara. A number 30 is upholstered into both seats. Matching luggage comes included with the car, also in grey Alcantara and with a 30 logo upholstered into them. Red Carbon Fiber is selectively used throughout the interior, which matches the red tachometer. The Ferrari SP30 is a bona fide Ferrari super car, with a top speed of 208MPH, and over 650 horsepower.

The entire exterior of the car is built in carbon fiber, and the side winglets and front and rear splitters add downforce, and an aggressive look. Showcasing the fascinating, hand sculpted design of this Ferrari is an exact small scale replica sculpture of the car included with the sale.

The Ferrari SP30 represents an outstanding opportunity for the most discerning Ferrari collectors to own something that no one else can have. This Ferrari SP30 comes with, manuals, luggage, battery tender, US title, and hood and battery tools.

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