With a production number of approximately 150 left-hand drive Vetroresinas and the coveted dry sump system, each surviving example can rightly be considered a rarity today. The option for air conditioning was almost standard on the first series, as Ferrari wanted to show the public all the luxury extras that they could offer. This example is no exception.

For the appreciation of a true Vetroresina, we can confirm that its low weight and dry sump engine configuration are the defining characteristics. This Vetroresina offers the lightest and purest driving experience within the entire formal 308-328 range.

Fortunately, this example has always been in good hands, with careful investment made to preserve this unique Ferrari in its original condition, which is now rarely found. To avoid irreversible damage, traditional restoration methods have been avoided. Instead, expert attention has been given to the underlying and technical quality, with a keen eye for originality and authenticity.

The quality of the light Scaglietti bodywork was certainly above average at the time. Yet, in the early years, Vetroresinas were often undervalued and used for motorsport purposes, where they proved to be very suitable. Many Vetroresina bodies have fallen victim to commercial pressures over the years, being modified to look more like steel bodies to make them more appealing to the market trend of that time. Nowadays, however, the story is quite different, and these early examples are extremely sought after and valuable. Rightly so, in our opinion.
It is precisely this light bodywork that makes a Vetroresina so unique. This feature highlights the difference between this rare pre-series 308 Ferrari and its heavier successors.

Our example in Brummen presents itself in a very original and authentic state. Despite acquiring normal signs of use over the years, it is in excellent condition and it is a pleasure to have such an original example in the collection. This is a European version that has spent a considerable time in Monaco since new.

Looking at the bodywork, the paint still appears neat with normal signs of use, as well as the black trim and windows. The doors close perfectly and we find beautiful alignments. It is also worth mentioning that this car comes in the color Rosso Chiaro.

The interior of this 308 is also very original and looks very presentable despite a few signs of use. The upholstery, after more than 40 years, shows some signs of wear but still looks simply stunning because the originality shines through. That's what we love about this Ferrari. We also find beautiful accessories such as an analog stopwatch and the Voxson radio. The instrumentation looks really good and all the switches on the dashboard are in very good condition. The carpets are still in good condition, as are the black door panels.

Driving this Ferrari is truly a delight because, compared to its younger and heavier siblings, you get the feeling that the lighter weight of the early models makes driving even more enjoyable. 'Light and nimble' are the words that come to mind. The engine sounds fantastic and we are big fans of these engines. Additionally, this 308 handles very well and is technically a good car. It feels very special to drive such an early Ferrari 308. The clutch is easy to operate and the brakes are beautifully responsive.

Are you interested in this extremely rare Ferrari 308? Contact us now, we are happy to assist you further. You are welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen. We have many years of experience in exporting our vehicles worldwide, ask us about the possibilities.

* European version
* Rosso Chiaro over black leather-livery
* One of only 712 vetroresina models produced
* Longtime resident in Monaco from new
* Well preserved example
* Produced with glassfibre (vetroresina) bodywork

  • Fuel
  • Body TypesCoupé
  • TransmissionManual
  • Exterior Colour
  • Number of doors

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